Tricks To Create A More Enjoyable Environment

10 Bathroom Remodeling Tips and Tricks To Create A More Enjoyable Environment 1

Sometimes the season comes and its suddenly time to remodel your home but how do you go about it the best way? Choosing the best contractor for your needs can be difficult if you’re not sure what you should be looking for. One thing is for sure, when it comes to large remodeling projects like kitchen sinks, floors, installing islands, fixing up plumbing for toilets and new showers, DIY kits are not the way to go. So, how should you go about choosing the best contractor? You need to remember, you are hiring an employee to start and finish a job, so make a list of what details you want for your new remodeling project and then go about these steps to be sure you’re picking the best contractor.

1 Address Bathroom Lighting

Poor lighting can make a bathroom look and feel like it is closing in on you. Flatten the ceiling light and open up any possible windows in the area to add more natural sunlight when possible. If that is not an option, add better light fixtures that compliment that décor and wall colors of your bathroom. Lighting is extremely important in opening up any bathroom.

2 Worry About Ventilation

Proper bathroom ventilation is a must and should never be forgotten. Poorly ventilated bathrooms risk growing mold and mildew due to excess amounts of moisture. Plus, a poorly ventilated bathroom can be an uncomfortable experience for yourself and others. Be sure to speak with a contractor about the best ways to keep air flowing in your bathroom.

3 Add Plants When Possible

To give your bathroom a burst of natural color, add plants and flowers! Plants have many uses for closed in environments, like, improving air quality and giving a sense of natural color. These specific details help enhance comfort and well-being in your home.

4 Flooring is Important

Solid colors, like wood, help build character for your bathroom and provide an internal feeling of comfort for family and friends. Choosing the right bathroom floors creates a successful environment for long-term usage. The best floors for these areas include porcelain, tile, vinyl, and ceramic flooring. Choose colors that will complement the colors on your walls and the décor in the area.

5 Adjust the Room with Color

The colors on your walls have a much greater impact on how big your bathroom feels than you know. To make your bathroom feel bigger, choose colors that stay around the lighter side of a color spectrum because dark colors have the opposite effect. Avoid painting the ceiling of your bathroom and always install light fixtures that complement the coloring already present on your walls.

6 Add Freestanding Pieces

If your bathroom permits it, add some freestanding pieces in a corner, either a chair or a rack but never both. These decorative pieces are not only additions to practicality, but they also give the bathroom a sense of elegance. A simple piece of furniture that is placed in a larger bathroom can add a level of beauty that does not cost a fortune.

7 Include More Mirrors

Adding mirrors to the bathroom makes space feel visually larger and much more breathable for those of us who tend to feel claustrophobic. A mirror can also increase light by reflecting both natural light and fixtures, helping others feel as if there is more square footage to the bathroom than there actually is.

8 Accessible Outlets

This one detail can have terrible effects after remodeling occurs! During renovation, always check with your contractor about the outlets in your bathroom. Be sure to think out and plan where your outlets would make the most sense for you and your family. Details to consider would be who is doing their hair and where are their electric toothbrushes to charge, are their radios that need a power source, etc.

9 Bathtub or Shower?

Most households do have bathtubs, and some master bathrooms have both shower spaces and bathtubs! However, do you take baths? If not, why not take the bathtub out and replace it with a shower? A shower will take up much less space and leaves more room for décor and amenities! Add a luxury shower space to one of your bathrooms but leave a bathtub in at least one other bathroom if you plan on putting your home on the market.

10 Create a Budget

When the opportunity finally arises, and there is money to remodel your bathroom, remember, it is important to get on a budget. This type of investment is important but should never cost you more than you can afford. Labor, materials, and hidden fees can shatter the best laid out plans, so do your research and get everything in writing. Hire a company that has a good warranty, sticks to their quotes, and has bonded contractors. Be sure to plan for more than just the aesthetics of the room, like color and lighting! Plan for plumbing expenses, electrical wiring, and toilet replacements. Write out a budget with the company that you hire and be sure that both sides agree to work within those given parameters.

Remodeling a bathroom should be fun! Be sure to make a list of the details that are all important to you, run them over with a professional team, and stay within your budget. Your bathroom is an important part of your home, so make it a place where you and others don’t mind visiting.