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The spaces we call home are some of the most sacred to our day to day life. We want them to express our lifestyle and vibe, and when they do, we feel at peace in our spaces. If you aren’t catching these vibes when you walk into your home each day, it might be time to consider some remodeling. We have a premier company right in your backyard, HomeRemo San Diego. We tackle small projects like coat closets but spend a significant amount of time on larger projects like full kitchen or bath remodeling.

Our team consists of knowledgeable craftsmen and women who have been working in the industry for years and have tackled just about any project you can think up. Their experience ranges in construction, glass, tile, flooring, plumbing, electrical, design, and so much more. Our goal is to understand your day to day life, how you use your spaces, and your overall priorities. Bring us your ideas, and let us bring them to life.

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    San Diego, CA

    Remodeling Services, San Diego

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    Kitchen Remodel San Deigo
    Kitchen Remodeling

    We are ready to take on a kitchen that might be stuck in a time warp or a kitchen that has seen better days. These projects aren’t always complicated, but they require skilled labor that knows what they are doing. Plenty can go wrong otherwise. Kitchen remodeling typically deals with various electrical, plumbing, tile, and luxury materials that can get pricey to deal with. We aim to work through every detail to avoid mistakes at every turn of the remodeling process. You’ll be thrilled to work with a team that blends creativity with function, so you get exactly what you want from your kitchen space.

    San Diego Bathroom Remodeling
    Bathroom Remodeling
    There is nothing better than waking up to a well thought out master bathroom or sending a guest to a bathroom that has just had a facelift. These spaces should be comfortable, streamlined, fresh, and cozy. If you’re seeking a basic updating project, we would be happy to do this for you. We can also peel back all the layers and reimagine what the space could look like. Collect your ideas from color pallets to hardware, and we will show just how special your bathroom can look. We will even be mindful of your budget along the way and offer tons of options, so you always feel like you’re in control of your project.
    Room by room remodeling
    Room by Room Remodeling

    You might be surprised at what we can do with four walls and a window. We know the everyday guest room or den isn’t always that inspiring, but there are many ways we can update these spaces to achieve various aesthetics and functional goals. Do you need a window seat to give your teenager a great place to read? Maybe you’re thinking about built-in bookshelves to offer a great alternative to a traditional headboard. Maybe the door is in the wrong place, or the closet needs to be adjusted to accommodate more storage options. We can transform rooms that might otherwise seem bland or boring.

    San Diego, CA

    HomeRemo San Diego Large Projects

    What kind of large scale project are you seeking?

    When you love your home, but it’s not loving you back, you might feel it’s time to take matters into your own hands. We love that idea, and that means we get to make huge changes so you can stay in your beloved home.

    Room Additions
    Room Addition Remodeling
    You might have been settling for a small master bedroom for too long, but maybe it’s time to change that. Maybe you have the space to add a sunroom to the back of the house, something you’ve dreamt about it for years. Maybe you are ready to add a whole second floor to your ranch style home. If you can dream it, we can do it; that’s what we are here for. We have a team of architects and engineers who are ready to work on your project and finally give you the space you’ve always wanted. These are some of our favorite transformations and is a significant way to add value to your property.
    Roof Remodeling
    Roof Remodeling
    Whether you’re seeking a new roof or you want to update the look of your roof, we have the solutions. Roof projects are often crucial to your home’s structural integrity. In fact, a bad roof can completely compromise your home if ignored. A roof can also add visual appeal to a home if you’re wanting to try something new, like adding dormers, a new material, or some other aesthetic option. Regardless of the reasons, we have a team of roofing specialists who can help you achieve the overall goal. Connect with us and let us know what you need.
    We live in such a beautiful part of the United States. We have amazing year-round temperatures, which allow our outdoor spaces a chance to thrive. If you’re feeling a little less than thrilled about your outdoor spaces, we should talk. We handle various landscaping projects, from simple flowerbeds to full-blown oasis-like spaces. Can you imagine soaking in the SoCal sunshine in a new backyard patio with luxury seating, palms, flowers, vining plants, and more? We can also tackle hardscapes if you’re less of a green thumb. Hardscape s are great eco-alternatives and are a beautiful way to showcase a modern home.

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    Our company and people

    The heart of our business revolves around you, the client. We take a customer-centric approach to our projects and learn everything we can about you, your family, and your lifestyle, so we create spaces that best suit you all. We understand how significant it can be to you and your finances to do a remodeling project, and we respect that decision deeply in our business.
    We hire the best in the industry and those who have been working in the remodeling fields for years. These particular people have various skills that you can’t find on just any job site. These are troubleshooters and creatives who treat each project like their personal business cards. They are mindful of your budget and tend to root out problems before they occur, saving our customers time and money.

    Our company has been in the industry for years helping San Diego residents with their home improvement projects. We are licensed and insured to protect you and give you the confidence to know you’re working with professionals. We also offer labor warranties on applicable work as another layer of protection for our clients. We hope to work with you soon and invite you to give us a call today to start your remodeling project.