Bathroom Remodeling


    With decades of combined experience

    We provide both residential and commercial bathroom remodeling


    Our top goal is to offer premier materials with a variety of accessories and options for your bathroom remodel. Our teams can transform your simple master bathroom into a luxury oasis for private relaxation. Home Remodeling San Diego also has innovative design ideas for not only improving safety features in your bathroom, but also for reconfiguring your floor plan as space allows to create maximum space for grooming and

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    Residential Bathroom

    We offer services for complete remodel to simple bathroom updates for all of your residential needs.Whether your goal is to increase storage space or simply make your bathroom more efficient, our contractors provide quality service and workmanship

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    Commercial Bathrooms

    Whether you are looking for a commercial bathroom update for your small business or a complete overhaul for your entire building, Home Remodeling San Diego offers timely service with a smile.



    Some homeowners are not aware that their bathroom needs to be overhauled. Here are
    some signals that you may need to consider remodeling your bathroom:

    Warning signs that your bathroom needs an overhaul

    Old Toilet

    Plumbing issues

    Leaky faucets, running toilets, or any mysterious sounds of water running are reasons to consider a bathroom remodel. Not all leaks are visible, and you can be paying unusually high water bills because of an outdated bathroom. Old sinks, showers, and toilets can cost you money in the long run due to leaks and wasted water issues.

    Outdated Vanity

    Outdated design

    Some bathrooms have not aged well. Even those that may have been attractive in their day, may have passed their prime. Home Remodeling San Diego’s design services incorporates the latest features to increase functionality and beauty for your bathroom oasis.

    Bathroom Tile

    Loose bathroom tiles

    Stained or cracked tiles, peeling paint, and missing grout are sure fire signs that your bathroom is ready for an overhaul. Seemingly minor problems can lead to major damage and be signs of larger problems, such as leaks or mold and mildew growth, underneath the surface. Ignoring such problems can be even more costly down the road.

    Exausted Enamel

    Odors and Humidity

    Lingering odors and excessive bathroom humidity are definite signs that you may need to update your bathroom. If your bathroom regularly feels like a sauna, you may be experiencing exhaust issues that can lead to larger mold and mildew issues in the long run.


    Inadequate light

    Bathroom lighting has come a long way in the past few decades, and it may be time to give yours an update so that you get maximum use out of your bathroom space.


    Lack of storage

    Your bathroom doesn’t always grow with you. As your family grows and your needs change, what you need from your bathroom space may change as well. Sometimes you need more storage, or as space allows, you may even be able to add a dressing area to your bathroom to maximize the space to its full potential.


    Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Renovation To The Experts

    The reality of a renovation seems daunting, and you want to get the highest quality materials and services at the best prices available, but allow us to turn your dreams into a reality by offering premier craftsmanship at the best prices in the San Diego area.

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    Modern Look And Feel

    Maybe your bathroom hasn’t been updated in a while and it is beginning to feel dated or to show it’s age. Leaving your bathroom renovation to the experts is the best way to ensure that you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

    Budget Friendly

    We strive to keep you within your set budget. Many homeowners who choose to remodel their own bathroom end up spending much more than their planned budget because they realize that they need to rent or buy tools and materials that they do not already have.

    Save Your Time

    Hiring Home Remodeling San Diego will save you time by allowing our experts to do thedirty work for you. Not only will you save your own time, but we will also have the job complete in a timely manner.

    Fool Proof Planning

    We partner with you from design to final walk through, and we are able to plan your entire project so that you don’t have any surprises along the way.

    Follow The Laws

    Because we acquire permits and other necessary government mandated inspections, we are able to help you ensure that your project stays within governmental guidelines as well as compliance with codes and regulations.

    Warranty and Quality

    We back all of our work with a warranty. When you choose to do the work yourself, you won’t have the same peace of mind that a professional warranty can offer.


    At Home Remodeling San Diego, we bring premium service with years of expertise to provide you with the highest quality bathroom remodel available in the San Diego area.

    Increase Home Value

    When you use professionals to remodel your bathroom, you ensure that your bathroom is completed to quality standards that will allow your home value to go up. Your ensure that you receive your return on investment. .


    We are the experts in


    Remodeling and Construction

    We begin with an initial consultation for design and planning purposes, as well as making selections for details for your finished bathroom space. We invite customer interaction and input every step of the way in order to deliver the bathroom of your dreams. We also provide a timeline to keep you informed and involved every step of the way. Home Remodeling San Diego provides timely service, quality workmanship, and
    friendly expertise for all of your home remodeling needs.

    Bathroom Remodeling 4 Chromatherapy Bathtub

    A chromatherapy tub is one of the latest and highly sought after innovations in bathroom remodels. Using lights to enhance relaxation and create a desired effect is the future of bathroom renovation

    Bathroom Remodeling 5 Walk Thru Shower

    A walk thru shower creates a complimentary shower zone that is integrated into your bathroom design as opposed to being a separate place in your bathroom. This high sought after feature makes your shower the central feature of your bathroom as opposed to it being a corner complement to a separate tub.

    Bathroom Remodeling 6 Best Quality Ceramics

    Our quality ceramics for toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers give you the premium bathroom finish that you desire at the best prices in the San Diego area.

    Bathroom Remodeling 7 High End Materials

    Home Remodel San Diego uses the highest quality materials at the best possible prices to offer you a premium bathroom renovation within your budget.

    Bathroom Remodeling 8 Custom Finishes

    Choosing the right bathroom finishes for your design can seem daunting. We are here to help you achieve your design dreams with a wide variety of custom finishes.

    Bathroom Remodeling 9 Tiles and Grouts

    Our variety of tiles and grout colors give you a limitless array of design options from modern to cozy and rustic.


    Bath Remodel

    Average overall costs for a bathroom remodel range from approximately $5000 to $14000.

    Bathroom Remodeling 10 New  Cabinets

    5-10 %

    New cabinetry can range from 5-10% of your overall budget.

    Bathroom Remodeling 11New Lighting

    5-7 %

    New lighting ranges from 5-7% of your overall budget.

    Bathroom Remodeling 12New Countertops


    Depending on the size and materials chosen, countertops can figure in around 10% of your renovation budget

    Bathroom Remodeling 13New Vanity