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    At Home Remodeling San Diego, we strive to exceed the expectations of each and every client. We do that by using the highest quality products and paying close attention to the details that matter when it comes to quality painting service. You will notice the difference immediately when you hire us for your painting project.

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    Interior Painting Services

    With our top quality interior painting services, we will sand, fill, and prepare the walls and trim that you need to paint before we pick up a brush. We ensure that we use the appropriate caulk and paint for your home. Our attention to detail sets us apart from other painting companies in the San Diego area. You will notice the difference.

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    Exterior Painting Services

    efore we begin painting any portion of the exterior of your home, we clean all surfaces to remove dirt, mildew, and other debris. We then get to the real details of painting your home. We perform all necessary preparation work, including sanding, scraping, caulking, and other repairs prior to touching your home with a paint roller. We then use a high quality primer to ensure that your paint adheres properly to your home and that you get many years of life out of your exterior paint. We then use rollers, brushes, and sprayers as needed by the project to achieve a beautiful finish for your home.

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    Benefits of Repainting your home

    A beautiful paint job can make a huge difference in how you home looks, whether new or old. However, a fresh coat of paint offers benefits that go beyond aesthetics. Whether you are renovating a particular room, your entire home, or the exterior finish of your house,

    a fresh coat of paint offers the following practical advantages:

    Home Value

    Increase Home Value

    A smart cost-effective way to increase your home’s value is to paint the interior and exterior walls. You will not only give your room or home a fresh look, but also impress potential buyers to look at your home if you plan to put it on the market in the near future. While painting your walls may seem like a minor cosmetic repair, you are making a major investment in your home that will pay dividends in return.

    Protect Surface

    Protect your Surfaces

    Besides covering unsightly marks and stains, paint can actually protect your walls from future damage. Both your internal and external walls are subject to the negative effects of weather damage and moisture or smoke damage.Give your home a healthy makeover with new paint and help control the progression of wear and tear.

    Curb Appeal

    Improve Curb Appeal

    One of the least expensive and most dramatic ways to increase your home’s curb appeal is with a fresh coat of paint. A house that shows signs of wear and decay from weather or age can greatly overshadow any efforts that you put into beautiful landscaping.


    Update or compliment your design theme

    Your home environment should be a space that makes you feel comfortable and cozy. While the furniture is one of the most practical factors in contributing to a comfortable environment, the color of your walls is also influential. Consider how different colors and tones can create a calm, warm, or energetic vibe in your home while also adding cohesion from room to room.

    Life Span

    Increased lifespan

    No matter what type of surface you have on the exterior of your home, a new coat of exterior paint can increase its lifespan. Most traditional forms of siding, whether wood, vinyl or otherwise, need to be replaced periodically to maintain and keep your home protected. If a fresh coat of paint can extend the lifespan of your siding even a few years, you could save yourself thousands of dollars in eventual repairs and replacement over the duration of your time in the home.

    Insect Damage

    Proactive Identification of Insect Damage

    Termite damage is the number one killer of wooden homes. Identifying and addressing this problem proactively is crucial if you want to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on eventual foundation repairs. Evaluating your home’s siding prior to an exterior coat of paint, may be just the answer you need to identify a pesky insect problem and prevent infestation before it is too late.

    How does fresh paint

    Affect your home’s value?

    A can of paint certainly doesn’t break the budget, and it is a simple way to add real value to your home.

    Here are some tips and ways that a fresh new color pallete can not only increase your own enjoyment of your home but also increase the value of your home and make it easier to sell when you are in the market.

    Interior/Exterior Paint 3

    Enhanced look

    Warm, neutral colors

    Prioritize rooms

    Paint types

    Less than 3 exterior colors

    Don’t forget trim and ceiling

    Leave it to the experts

    Update the door

    Other ways to enhance

    Your Home With Paint

    A fresh coat of paint doesn’t just have to be for the exterior of your home or for interior walls. There are other ways to enhance the aesthetic and value of your home with a can of paint.
    Paint your kitchen cabinets. A fresh coat of paint on your kitchen cabinets can go a long way to enhance and upgrade your kitchen on a fixed budget. It is reported that tuxedo kitchens (kitchens with two different colors for upper and lower cabinets) sell for more money.
    Paint the trim. When you add a glossy white paint to the trim in your home, it not only frames your rooms nicely, but it also gives a clean updated look without breaking the bank.
    Don’t forget the front door. Adding a pop of color to your front door is the perfect way to bring a welcoming feel to your home and entryway.

    Interior/Exterior Paint 4Kitchen Paint Color

    Soft blue is currently the IT color choice for kitchens and homes with this color sold for notably higher prices.

    Interior/Exterior Paint 5Bathroom Paint Color

    Bathroom colors seem to have the largest effect on home value and powder blue or periwinkle seem to win when it comes to the most popular bathroom colors.

    DiningDining Room Paint Color

    Navy blue, grey, or slate blue are the popping color options for your dining room particularly when combined with a glossy white shiplap or board and batten design.

    BedroomBedroom Paint Color

    Bedrooms continue the blue trend with anything ranging from deep azure blue to cadet blue ranking in the highest trend options.

    Living RoomLiving Room Paint Color

    Living rooms benefit from a warmer neutral color palette. This is where you should consider using your taupes, beige or greige, which is a combination of grey and beige.

    ExteriorExterior Paint Color

    The color on the outside of your may have the most influence on your home value. Greige is hands down the most desired paint color choice for the exterior of your home and will add appraised value as well as perceived value for your curb appeal.

    Why you should consider painting even if

    You plan to stay in the home

    Many homeowners wait to paint their home until they are ready to put their home on the market. Even if you are not in the market to sell your home, and you plan to enjoy your home for the long term, it is still beneficial to update your paint.

    Not only will you get to enjoy the benefits and the beauty of a fresh coat of paint whether inside or out, but also, a new coat of paint helps to maintain your home and prevent future damage that may rack up costly repair bills in the future. It is always a good idea to update the paint in your home.

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