Welcome to Elite Remodeling of San Diego. Our company updates and modernizes homes throughout our southernmost city of California. We tackle small and large-scale projects and help our client’s homes become more functional and aesthetically inviting. Our projects consist of various styles, from the most basic minimalistic looks to more eclectic and artistic ones. The more diverse the projects, the more fun we have.

We are a professional company that has been working in design and remodeling for several years in Southern California. From the top-down, our company and people are customer-centric and talented. We also come with plenty of resources to tackle engineering projects, architectural necessities, and plenty of other specialties. We invite you to read more below about some of our services and remodeling projects. If you don’t see your project listed, please do not hesitate to call or message us. We cannot possibly put every project we work on here, but chances are we have tackled it.

Work with the best in San Diego, Elite remodeling, and get your project done faster with top-notch service.

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    We hire the best in the business
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    Elite Remodeling is a resourceful company that works with top professionals and suppliers.
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    Your Connection for Show Stopping Remodeling
    Elite Remodeling is dedicated to transforming your home through your eyes and inspiration. We guide every client through the remodeling process with a personal touch and attention to detail. We can show you how to take your ideas and execute the dream vision. We have developed our process over several years through custom design solutions, superior project management, and tedious craftsmanship.
    Our mission is to understand your priorities and desires. This is what makes your transformation a success. We blend your dream space with your budget and produce a remodeling project that you cannot wait to show off. We take a variety of things into account, such as the health of your home, adherence to environmental codes, personal design choice, and energy efficiency.
    Your project will have a dedicated team led by a designer and project manager. If this is an extensive remodel, you will have an even bigger team with more people helping you through the process and walking you through each detail. We cannot wait to get working on your project, so give us a call today and tell us all about it.
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    The activity of your kitchen is likely the headquarters of your home. The kitchen, therefore, should bring the entire family to the table in comfort and style. We love to design kitchens, so they help a family function more efficiently. We recognize that cooking is just one of the things that happen in today’s kitchens. These spaces tend to be a place for entertaining, homework, games, and social affairs.
    We have worked on just about every design type, from traditional and modern, to transitional and minimalist. We can take the lead on your kitchen remodel or bring you through the process as much as you desire. For those who have more design experience, you may opt to be a part of the process, and we welcome that. If you do not have the time or knowledge around remodeling projects, you are in good hands. Our job is to understand the needs of your family; so we can produce a kitchen that matches your lifestyle.
    We use the best products and materials, and we will always maximize your budget. Your remodeling team will always give you options so you can explore or maximize the space.
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    Elite remodel in San Diego offers complete remodeling or renovation services for bathrooms. Our professional team works alongside design consultants to create a custom bathroom that fulfills your vision. We can handle every part of this transformation from the floor up. This includes full-scale plumbing and relocating, engineered or architectural features, and much more.
    Perhaps it is time to install those heated floors and towel racks. Or maybe you want to stretch your vision by trying out new sustainable materials. No matter what your vision is, we have a team that can accomplish it. Your bathroom, be it your guest bathroom or master, should feel bright and welcoming. Bathrooms should have a level of comfort and privacy that makes every occupant feel right at home.
    Work with us today to design a bathroom that adds value to your home and your day-to-day life. We can never underestimate the power of a new bathroom and how it helps us start our day.
    We love working on room additions because they have a huge impact on how a family functions. But they also add tremendous value to your property. Whether you want more space for guests that come in and out of town or you are preparing for a new family member, we live for these transformations.
    Our priority is to understand your lifestyle and how you intend to use the space. At that point, we look at your budget and figure out how to maximize both. Elite Remodeling will spend every bit of time to ensure the project delivers what you want and need, down to every detail. We will take on just about any size project, and we will walk you through the process and time frame of your specific add-on.
    Some of the projects we have worked on include the addition of a game room or movie room. We have also added single rooms or an entire second story. Some families have added on to their main living spaces or built new offices with the demand of work-at-home families. Bring us your ideas, and we will bring your vision to life.
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    Exterior + Hardscapes + Roofing
    The start of any good home is its curb appeal, and if you are looking to do an exterior remodel, we are your team. Our exterior design team focuses on quality and superior craftsmanship. An exterior project may include things like a new roof, a new gutter system, new siding or stucco, as well as windows and doors. We also tackle paint and alternative exterior wall composites.
    If you are looking to do hardscape remodeling, we have some of the best designers for this particular service. They can help you learn about new materials, eco-friendly options, and other trending design features. They are very mindful of your budget and will always offer various options to get the most out of your investment.
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    Interior Remodeling
    Before you move out of your home because you think it is not possible to transform it, let us take a look at what we can do to help. You may be completely surprised or shocked to see some of our transformations and how effective they are at making a home more aesthetically pleasing and functional. It can be frustrating not to love the space you spend the most time in; that is why we have a renovation team ready to blend your style with priorities and function.
    With a professional team like Elite Remodeling in San Diego, you will maximize your budget with the best materials and save money by hiring an experienced and knowledgeable team. We can complete projects faster than the average construction team, and we will welcome your input through every step of the process.
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    Work With Us
    We undergo a process with you when you decide to work with our team. This process is designed for maximum communication and your input. These things are important to us so we can deliver and exceed your expectations. We start by helping you plan your project, taking into account large-scale items and small details.
    Then we discuss your budget to fully understand how much you intend to spend and how we can keep the project on that financial path. We respect client budgets and will always give you options for saving money along the way.
    From there, we will work together on setting a timeline, so you are not left in the dark wondering how long your remodeling project will take. We find that communicating this point is extremely important to the relationships we have with our clients.
    After you hire us for the job, we get to work by collecting the skilled labor for your particular project. You see, we have tradesmen who are talented with various projects and materials. So we hire the right people needed for your specific remodel.
    Since you are our boss, we invite you to visit your remodel at any time. Whether you are living on-site or off-site and want to drop by to monitor the project; we welcome it all. You will get a contract to help you understand our process, which will keep you informed about the steps involved in your remodeling project.
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