10 Fun and

Exciting Kids Bathroom Designs

10 Fun and Exciting Kids Bathroom Designs 1

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house – but just because it’s small doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Design a bathroom your kids will love and spend more time in by following these simple tips for a family-friendly bathroom.

The Underwater Theme

10 Fun and Exciting Kids Bathroom Designs 2

Give your kid their own oasis with a blue-greenscape painted on the walls of their bathroom, complete with underwater creatures such as whales, dolphins, and fish to add even more zing to this theme. Make bathtime magical by installing a new faucet that has colorful spray nozzles for added effect while cleaning up after baths or showers. You can even install fiber optic lighting under the tile flooring to create an underwater effect when they turn off the lights.

Install a Pivoting Mirror

10 Fun and Exciting Kids Bathroom Designs 3

Pivoting vanities and mirrors are all the rage for kids’ bathrooms because they allow your child to see themselves and play around with their image without having to leave the bathroom. They can even pivot outward so that more than one person can use the mirror at a time – especially helpful if you have multiple members of your household trying to get ready in front of it! If you’re having a hard time figuring out where to install this mirror, try putting it above the sink.

Moon and Stars Wall Decals

10 Fun and Exciting Kids Bathroom Designs 4

Decals aren’t just for nurseries anymore – they’re perfect for adding personality to any room, including children’s bathrooms. One popular option is installing wall decals made up of moon and stars scenes accompanied by floating wisps, clouds, and spaceships. This theme is perfect for boys and girls alike since there are no gender-specific images, but it can be easily changed to suit your child’s preferences by switching out the decals with those that feature their favorite characters and other creative themes.

Consider Built-Ins for Storage

10 Fun and Exciting Kids Bathroom Designs 5

Built-in nooks, cabinets, and shelves are perfect for adding storage space to any room in your home, including the bathroom. These built-ins can be used to store anything from towels, soaps, shampoos, and other cleaning supplies to flossers, toothbrushes, and more. You can even install these custom bathroom cabinets or shelves above or below your sink so that they don’t get in the way of you doing your hair or makeup while also freeing up valuable floor space.

Creative Towel Storage

10 Fun and Exciting Kids Bathroom Designs 6

Create an attractive towel stand by stacking colorful plastic water bottles over a wooden dowel or PVC pipe as a decorative option as well as a functional one. Fasten the bottles together with zip ties, then decorate with a variety of coordinating colors and patterns, so they add an accent to the rest of your bathroom’s décor. For even more colorful storage options, consider installing multiple towel racks in different colors or patterns!

Colorful Kids’ Shower Curtains

10 Fun and Exciting Kids Bathroom Designs 7

Kids’ shower curtains are a fun way to bring color into their bathroom while also giving them something pretty to look at when they’re taking a bath or shower. You can decorate with images that feature characters from their favorite shows and movies, bright and bold geometric prints, exciting rainforest scenes, beach landscape pictures, sunsets, cityscapes…the possibilities are endless! If you need help finding the right one for your kid’s personality type or interests, try browsing online – there’s a wide variety of shower curtains available in a myriad of colors, styles, and themes.

Transitional Toilets

10 Fun and Exciting Kids Bathroom Designs 8

Upgrade your child’s toilet with the same transitional toilets you have in your own bathroom. These waterfall-style or cascading flush valves make it easier for kids to operate their own lids and seats while also teaching them about conserving water. Once they get older, this will make for an easy transition when they need to upgrade to adult bathrooms.

Kids’ Bathroom Displays

10 Fun and Exciting Kids Bathroom Designs 9

Help put their room together by using shelving space above their sink or cabinets for displaying books, wall art, memorabilia, figurines, and other collectibles. This makes cleaning up after bathtime faster and more fun too! You can even install decorative wall pegs that are perfect for hanging towels on so that they’re within arm’s reach when they need them and out of the way when they don’t.

Creative Corner Shower Designs

10 Fun and Exciting Kids Bathroom Designs 10

A corner shower is a fun alternative to an overhead or stand-up one because it offers more room for functionality and versatility. It’s perfect for smaller bathrooms since it saves space, but you can always make it bigger by adding more showerheads and features like a detachable handheld sprayer or multiple shower heads attached to the same overhead arm. You can also install lights at different levels to give off the illusion of depth, add windows made out of frosted glass, skylights, rain showerheads, colorful tile accents along the walls…the possibilities are endless!

Unique Décor Accents

10 Fun and Exciting Kids Bathroom Designs 11

One way to decorate your kid’s bathroom is by installing unique décor items that are fun to look at while they’re taking a bath or shower, including fish tanks, seashells, superhero figurines on shelves above tubs and showers, plush animals, unusual shower curtains with matching rug sets, and more.

If the bathroom is too small to install an aquarium, they can still enjoy watching fish swim by installing a colorful frameless glass or acrylic shower door so that you can use their tub without getting wet. Be sure to choose one with safety ratings for kids’ bathrooms, so it’s safe for them to operate on their own.

These are just six ideas you can use when remodeling your kid’s bathroom – there are plenty of others worth considering, including wainscoting or wallpaper borders, artistic tile patterns or mosaics, sunken tubs made out of cast iron, light fixtures decorated like rocket ships…the sky’s the limit! If you’re not sure how to start remodeling your own kid’s bathroom, it may be helpful to hire a licensed contractor with experience working in kids’ bathrooms.

Our San Diego team of bathroom remodeling experts will be happy to help you design your kid’s bathroom so that they have a space that is not only safe and functional but also fun for them to enjoy.