6 Reasons to Try

Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

Shelving in Your Kitchen

Kitchens with open shelving have grown in popularity over the last few years, and there are many reasons to try open shelving in your kitchen. Some people may hesitate to try open shelving due to the fear of dust and dirt collecting, but open shelving can be easily cleaned in less than 5 minutes. While this style may not work for each and every kitchen, the open and spacious look gives the kitchen a more modern and upscale feel.

What is Open Kitchen Shelving?

Open shelving involves installing shelves behind glass doors without cabinets underneath. There may be open cupboards, but the key to an open shelved kitchen is the clear glass doors that allow for a more spacious feel and better use of room space. These types of shelves can be found in almost any shape, size, and color. The customization options are versatile and endless, meaning you can find a design to complement your unique kitchen space. Now that you understand what these shelves are, you can learn six important reasons you should consider open shelving for your kitchen.

Here are six reasons to give open shelving a try in your kitchen:

1. Open Shelving is Trendy

6 Reasons to Try Open Shelving in Your Kitchen 1

Open shelving is a great way to add style to your entire home. Depending on how you decorate your open-shelves kitchen cabinets, they can also be made more modern or rustic. Shelving can be decorated with different styles of dishes, glassware, and even plants to increase the aesthetic of the space and your home as a whole. The kitchen is a space the whole family gathers to spend time which is why it is important to make the area shine and stand out.

2. Open Shelving Creates More Space in a Kitchen

6 Reasons to Try Open Shelving in Your Kitchen 2

Narrow cabinets used for storing pots, pans, and dishes can be very unappealing and take up a lot of space in your kitchen. Open shelving allows you to store these things without adding more bulk to your kitchen. The lack of cabinets on the walls will make your space feel more prominent, which is a plus for those with small kitchens. There are so many different styles of open shelving that you can easily find one to complement any existing kitchen decor.

3. Open Shelving Adds Functionality to Your Kitchen

6 Reasons to Try Open Shelving in Your Kitchen 3

Open shelving allows more flexibility in the kitchen. There are plenty of options when it comes to how you can use open shelving in your kitchen. Utilize the space for cookbooks, spices, baking dishes, and more. If you typically keep your pots and pans tucked away in cabinets, you can add some hanging racks underneath the open shelves to save space. Utilize the area to your liking and make it work for you.

4. Open Shelving Look is Versatile

6 Reasons to Try Open Shelving in Your Kitchen 4

Open shelving can be used in any space or room of the home. With so many different styles, colors, and types of open shelving available, you will easily find something that works well with your existing decor. Create a shabby chic look by adding white and antique pieces to your shelves, or go with something more rustic and add wood tones to the space. Whatever look you are going for, open shelving can easily fit into your vision.

5. Open Shelving Adds More Storage

6 Reasons to Try Open Shelving in Your Kitchen 5

Open shelving doesn’t have to be used for its style alone. It can be used to store dishes, platters, and even pots and pans. Utilize all the space in your kitchen cabinets for things that you use less frequently or your china that is displayed during special occasions. This way, everyday items are tucked away out of sight until they are needed, which maximizes the space in your kitchen.

6. Open Shelving Makes Cleaning Easy

6 Reasons to Try Open Shelving in Your Kitchen 6

If you have a large family or guests coming over often, it is important for your kitchen to be spotless and clutter-free. Open shelving makes it easy to find what you are looking for without having to search through cabinets and drawers, so cleaning up after dinner parties and gatherings is a breeze. Open shelving can easily be wiped down to keep clean, and the lack of corners and cabinets makes for an easy sweep as well. There are plenty of reasons why open shelving has grown in popularity over the years, and you will quickly see how much it adds to your kitchen!


Open shelving has gained so much popularity over the years because it is functional, versatile, cleanable, adds more storage, and creates a spacious look in your kitchen. These six reasons are just some of the many that answer the question of why you should consider open shelving for your kitchen space. If you are ready to add these unique shelves to your space, reach out to us and receive a free consultation.