10 common mistakes people make when

Remodeling their home

10 common mistakes people make when remodeling their home 1

It is normal for individuals looking for a remodeling job to want instant relief and gratification. Having your home remodeled can be scary, time-consuming, emotionally exhaustive, and so much fun all at the same time. Even though we all have a big idea in our heads how our home is going to look once the project is completely done, sometimes we forget the important things, like all of the steps between your current home and the future, remodeled one that’s waiting for you. It is important to always remember the most important steps are the small ones you make to get to the bigger ones and that includes picking a contractor, have clear design ideas, having and sticking to a budget, and so much more!

The topmost common mistakes homeowners make while remodeling their home include but are not limited to the following:

1. Rushing

Sometimes we get carried away with our big dreams and our hopes for our home to be done as soon as possible and sometimes we don’t feel like the contractors are working quickly enough. What happens when you rush a home remodeling project? Mistakes. Large mistakes that sometimes seem small and grow into issues later down the road. Rushing a job is a terrible idea because many different procedures and plans must be abided by to ensure positive progress is being made.

2. Ignoring small issues while they’re small

Ignoring large cracks, leaking appliances, old roof issues, or plumbing concerns just so you can have a remodeling job done will come back as expensive investments. Never be afraid to spend money on repairing some areas of your home while looking to update others. Don’t throw money into a remodeling job without considering serious consequences that could arise from ignoring small issues.

3. Losing Sight

It is okay to be excited about your dream remodeling projects but it is never the best idea to lose sight of what you originally planned and the budget you wanted to stick to with that project. Keeping your mind on the budget and your heart on the design will ensure you get exactly what you budgeted for. Going into debt for a remodeling job can be a harsh reality check for people who lose sight of what they were trying to accomplish in the first place.

4. Going with the first contractor

If you’re friend, family member, or neighbor come to you with a recommendation that can feel like a lot has been lifted off of your shoulders; however, going with the first contractor you find can be a big mistake and lead to unwanted final designs and projects you could be paying to have removed. It is important to always meet with contractors, ask for previous works, interview everyone, and go with your gut feeling about what and who seems right to be working on your home.

5. Communication flaws

You and your contractor need to be on the same page at all times and this starts from your first interview with them. Being very clear about the design you want, the ideas you have, and all of your questions answered can save you a lot of headaches. Communicate your expectations about their work and how you feel about the work that is progressing. Communication is extremely important.

6. Not hiring the professionals

There are few projects in your home that do not require a professional contractor, but remodeling is not one of those projects. DIY ideas for home remodeling have led some people too expensive holes they have a hard time digging themselves out of. Don’t break down a wall, reroof your home, or attempt to redo the master bedroom bathroom, any mistake on these projects will lead to a significant increase in your spending to repair and remodel your home.

7. Using Cheap Materials

Wanting to save money is a great way to go into every big-spending project! But what happens when the material you’re using for a kitchen or bathroom remodeling job needs constant repairs and maintenance? In the long run, spending money on cheap materials will lead to expensive repairs and constant maintenance, it is important to stay within budget, but it is important to stay within reason.

8. Going Simply with Trends

Trends come and go so quickly it is important to have your home designed in a fashion that is timeless. Do not base bold colors off of trendy tones, do not buy new appliances because they are the newest on the block! Keep things simple when remodeling and that includes the trends you’re wanting to follow.

9. Neglecting Plumbing and Electricity

With a new remodel project, never forget the basics! Hidden behind the scenes of a great working kitchen and a beautifully appearing bathroom are the small things like plumbing and electricity. Look into what type of rewiring your home or sections of your home may need, look into the plumbing that may be required for new bathroom designs. No detail can be too small when you are remodeling your home.

10. Long-term Home Goals

Newlywed couples should think about what their home’s job is going to be in the future before rooms start being redone! New homeowners, before remodeling, should talk about their plans like are pets coming into our home, are children going to be growing up here, will there be visitors? All of the questions are important when it comes to having a remodeling job you are happy with for many years to come.