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Don’t Just Clean.


Don't Just Clean. Disinfect! 1

There is an essential difference between sanitizing a surface or area versus disinfecting a surface. When you genuinely disinfect something, you are killing any potential viruses and bacteria that could be present in any given area. Sanitizing an area simply means giving it a quick wipe, removing any possible microbes but not all. During this hectic time in our lives, it has become increasingly important not only to clean and sanitize our homes but also to disinfect all of our surfaces.

So, how do you disinfect? You need products that are specifically made to do just that. Simple soaps and homemade cleaners are not strong enough to truly penetrate the outer capsule of many viruses and bacteria, so doing your research is going to be extremely important.

Some measures can be taken to truly keep areas disinfected, like:

Something most of us forget about is how dirty our clothes can be! Learning how to properly handle clothing we have worn or from our family can reduce the transmission of different bacteria. Here are some tips and tricks in handling dirty clothing:

We all have items that we use or touch regularly! But it is important to remember that we use and touch them constantly without cleaning them or washing our hands in between using these items. The importance of keeping your personal space disinfected cannot be stressed enough and those include things you regularly touch. Below are just some of the items we all hold near and dear to our hearts that should also be cleaned consistently.

Please remember never to soak electronics in disinfectants or expose them to high levels of moisture.

What rooms should you be focusing on when disinfecting your home?
Committing to disinfecting your home can be a challenge; however, if you concentrate on the critical rooms first, the others will fall in line. Communal areas like guest bathrooms, bathrooms that are used by children, kitchen countertops, kitchen tables, living room coffee tables, side tables, and so on need extra attention and meticulous attention to detail. Areas that are highly used by not only family members but by guests alike should always be disinfected appropriately.

What are the best disinfectant products to use in the home?
The CDC has recommended some of the best products on the market for home-usage. Here are some of the best disinfectant products that will truly leave your home virus and bacteria-free!

Having to get on your hands and knees to clean any part of your home during this time can be exhausting, both emotionally and physically. Using the right products should help ease your mind in knowing that you are doing not only the best that you can but all that you can to keep your household safe.

Just remember to clean the items that are highly used, don’t touch your face with the same gloves you used to clean and be proactive when it comes to keeping a disinfected home.