Getting the Most Out of

Your Small Bathroom

Getting the Most Out of Your Small Bathroom 1

One of the best details that is often overlooked about small bathrooms is that they’re small! This makes these areas in your home so much easier to update and renovate. When looking to modify any details of a small bathroom it is important to remember what your goals are for your bathroom! Are you looking for more space and need organizational space? Are you looking for more aesthetic variety? Or, are you looking for higher-end materials and tools to have in your bathroom? Whatever the case may be, it is much easier to have all of this and more completed in a smaller bathroom for several reasons.

Here are some quick basic steps to take when remodeling any bathroom in your home, big or small:

There are specific steps you can take to ensure that the renovations you make in your bathroom are productive changes. When the bathrooms are small the renovations make a much bigger impact on the overall look, feel, and comfort of the bathroom.

Take some of these compiled tips when you finally take the step to remodel your small bathroom:

1. Lighting

Lighting does not simply mean light fixtures, lighting also means the paint used on the walls, counters, and toilet! It is important to keep the colors light in small bathrooms, so you don’t make your guests feel like they’re entering a small cave. Examples of trendy colors for small bathrooms are soft grey’s, icy blues, warm white, and butter yellows. By sticking to one solid color and/or light colors combined you create an illusion of a bigger space.

When you’re choosing light fixtures, it is important to think about who will be using your bathroom and how many shadows you want looming in the bathroom with you. Use lighting that is soft on the eyes but that will brighten the entire space so you can get ready for your day without trying to find the best lighting in the house!

2. Add Color

Keeping your walls light doesn’t mean you have to dull any part of your personality! You can use bold colors in small amounts to add a bit of energy to your bathroom space. Color isn’t just with paint; you can add fun rugs and colorful accessories to liven up your bathroom. Examples of quick and easy accessories include colorful soap dispensers, pictures, and patterned rugs with light colors that can help breathe new life into an older area.

3. Illusion of Height

Replacing any crown molding, light fixtures, and dark colors can help your bathrooms ceiling feel higher and make the small space grow exponentially. It is important to remove light fixtures that hang down because they emphasize the shortness of the ceiling. Change long light fixtures with recessed lighting and watch the bathroom transform!

4. Reflectivity

Think about it! When light can bounce from a mirror onto the rest of your bathroom the entire space lights up. Reflectivity in a bathroom provides an opportunity to create an illusion of space. High gloss in tubs and sinks, shiny countertops, and shiny tile can help project light which increases the visual effects of space!

5. Pocket Doors

When you install swinging doors, they take up a lot of floor space that you can use. A pocket door is anything but intrusive and maximizes small floor spaces! When you do install a door like this, you need a talented contractor that will be able to reframe your doorway. If you have this option, what are you waiting for?

6. Storage

Sometimes we start to hoard everything in our bathrooms without realizing it. It is important to start breaking down to the basics and listing out all of your essentials. Keep only the things you need in the bathroom and all of the “extras” like towels, cleaning supplies, and more in a stored area outside of your bathroom. If the small amount of space is there, you can extend a ledge of the countertop to create more space.