Why should you do it

and when should you do it?

Is home remodeling worth it 1

What a time to be alive! Every two years, new smartphones are coming out, new laptops surface every couple of months, the newest vehicles make their way into the spotlight, and new diets are constantly being shoved down our throats. All of these things teach us that when something gets boring, old, worn down, or used that we should toss them aside and get the next best thing; however, is that the case with your home? It doesn’t have to be! Home remodeling is a fun and exciting way to keep cherished memories from your original home and bring them with you to an upgraded version of the same rooms, walls, and roof that has always been yours.

Don’t Tear It Down

Tearing down a home can seem appealing because you seem to have a blank canvas to explore all of your creative thoughts and dreams. Guess what? Remodeling with the right construction, technicians, carpenters, and design experts can give you a blank canvas with familiarity and emotional attachment being spared. You don’t have to get rid of the kitchen you made your first meal in or your child’s first bedroom, keep those memories but add beauty and value to your home. The best part about remodeling is a simple fact that it is so much more affordable! Tearing down a house or looking for a lot to buy and then build on is expensive, and there is no way around that!

It is Faster and Eco-Friendlier

Remodeling is simply the quicker alternative to the complete reconstruction of a home. When you tear down an old home and build a new one the time frame can vary from months to a full year depending on the lot, zoning laws, city and state laws, and the effectiveness of the company you hire. Remodeling does mean you and your family will be living in a construction zone for a short period. Still, the savings and timeframe, when compared to completely rebuilding, is incredibly much more attractive.

Make green choices! Rebuilding requires a lot of materials being torn down, discarded, and CO2 emissions are incredibly high. Machinery, waste, chemicals, and more cause building a new home to fall short when it is being compared to a remodeling job. During remodeling, you can also install eco-friendly appliances that help reduce your carbon footprint! Solar panels are just one of many great remodeling hacks that can transform your new design into a very healthy and safe option for our planet.

Emotional Benefits of Remodeling

Everyone enjoys having a “fresh start” whether that be a Monday for a new week, a new planner, a full tank of gas, a fresh haircut, or a simple shower after a long day! Having your home remodeled gives the same fresh feeling but is euphoric on its own. Remodeling allows you to install new furniture and designs to help keep yourself and your family clean, organized, and put together. When you feel good about your organization, your productivity sky-rockets and allows you to truly excel in your day-to-day life.

Loving your area? Don’t Move, Remodel

If you love your home, don’t move! You have the opportunity to remodel, and the benefits are truly never-ending. One of the hidden treasures of home remodeling is the fact that with this effort, you will undoubtedly raise your property value! At the end of this, you will have the incredible opportunity to earn back what you invested in your home, if not more. If you’re in a safe neighborhood with fantastic advantages, don’t cut yourself short, stay, and fix the things you don’t like! It will be much more affordable and will be in your favor in the end.