Types of room additions 1

01. General Room Addition

Add on a completely new room to your home, whether a bathroom, kitchen or living room is entirely up to your own preferences. You can also add a new room plus one, for example, you can have a master bedroom with an attached bathroom or walk-in closet.

This will mean that supplementary wiring, HVAC and plumbing may have to be installed depending on what room you decide to add. However, these are all necessary steps to take for you to enjoy hosting friends or family in your new entertainment room or settling into your new master bedroom as a newlywed couple.

Types of room additions 2

02. Garage Conversion

This is an excellent choice for a room addition because the foundation and structure are already installed. Not to mention, you should have plenty of space to work with for complete customization as well. You can convert a garage into just about any type of room you can think of. As long as the garage is tall enough and your ceilings are vaulted, you can even install ceiling and flooring materials to have a small, functioning apartment above the garage itself.

You should also consider that houses without garages usually don’t fare as well on the resale market. Also, following the garage conversion, you may find yourself needing to build a carport or similar structure to compensate for losing a garage.

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Types of room additions 3

03. Bathroom Addition

One of the most frequently added rooms to a home is the bathroom. Bathrooms have the exceptional benefit of adding resell value to your home while providing more functionality at the same time. A bathroom addition can come in various shapes and sizes to fit your home’s specific needs.

From a half-bath to a full bathroom complete with a tub and a stand-up shower, there are many ways to customize this type of room addition. This addition can also be added virtually anywhere on your home as well, such as onto a master bedroom or just off of a hallway.

Types of room additions 4

04. Laundry Room

No one relishes the chance to do a heaping pile of laundry, but everyone loves a large, spacious laundry room. Abundant space for your washing machine and dryer, a designated area to fold clothes, and ample storage space can make the design and layout of your home flow much smoother and appear more organized.

Laundry rooms have grown in popularity for home remodel additions over recent years. They are a versatile choice that makes sense for every home, no matter the size of your family. It’s not uncommon to include another exit from your house through these laundry room additions as well.

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Types of room additions 5

05. California Room

Considering the pleasant weather that San Diego residents get to enjoy almost year-round, a California room can be a fantastic approach to create a space where you can enjoy the great outdoors while never having to leave your home. Sometimes referred to as a sunroom, these beautiful home additions can increase the value of your home significantly.

California rooms are connected to the home with a sliding glass door, but unlike a patio, they have a ceiling and two or more other walls. These rooms can be great for simply enjoying yourself alone and soaking up some rays in the comfort of your home. Although, they can also be a wonderful location in your home to bring the family together to share in the scenery.

Types of room additions 6

06. Bump Out Additions

This type of addition isn’t really a new room at all, but rather a continuation of an existing room. With a bump-out, you can turn a half bath into a full bath, add a home theater area to your living room, or even build a dining area to allow more cooking space for your kitchen. Bump outs can also be slightly less costly than a full-blown room addition by using fewer materials.

You can simply tie into the previous room’s structure. Even the HVAC system and electricity can sometimes be tied into the existing installations. If you’re considering a room addition simply because an existing room in your home isn’t spacious enough, you should consider a bump-out before adding an entire other room.